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The Terminator // Nov 8, 2009 at 10:47 am

After lengthy investigations, Mr. Riggs performance as a con-man is extensive. As a tax evader, he is causing all of us to pay more than our fair share. He has also been convicted of defrauding investors, and was permanently enjoined by the SEC not to violate securities law. Additionally, one of the videos of the accident of “Wild Child” shows clearly (w’audio), that he caused or at least contributed to the death of 2 pilots (Fregley & Hoss) and continued to video the resultant fireball and death scene. What a film maker. All of the evidence will come forward, and this piece of human garbage will eventually be unable to hurt anyone again. Unfortunately, he will probably kill somebody’s kid when his aircraft slams into a school. But then it will be the fault of someone else in the government that failed to take action. BTW, see the article in the LA Times, 11/8/2009 on pages A-43 & A-50 (California Section) and don’t forget to watch the video.

Tony Tiscareno // Nov 7, 2009 at 10:54 am

It says the lawyer is Epic’s, not Bass’s, dummy. Read the details. If I’m being accused a lawyer would be prudent anyway. And google the ex-con making the accusation “David Riggs” and “Tampa Bay Business Journal” and “videotape”. The accuser is a twice-convicted con artist.

Michael E. 10 months ago

Police, Court and Public records show that David Glen Riggs has had more run-ins with the law than Al Capone.

On this Menace-To-Society’s Menue of Meyhem:

Robbery, Credit Card Theft, Credit Card Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Identity Theft, Domestic Violence (battery upon a woman), Securities Fraud, Bank Fraud, Wire Fraud, Passport Fraud, Illegal Smuggling, Drug Running, Murder Plotting, Indecent Exposure, dozens upon dozens of Civil Lawsuits, Unpaid Taxes, Unpaid Bills, Attempted Aircraft Theft, Flight From Prosecution and his latest… Dangerous & Reckless Flying. This lastest bone-headed stunt, getting Riggs incarcerated for at least the fourth time in his colorful crimminal career, already having done multiple stints and many years behind bars in such exotic places as, Hong Kong, Texas and Kansas.

“Mothers don’t let your bastard sons grow up to be Rhino Cowboys…”

John S. 10 months ago

From what I’ve heard about this Riggs, those on or near the Pier during this lapse of judgement are lucky to be alive. This guy is a real clown in the air, talk about the ‘Wrong Stuff’!

Robert G. 10 months ago

Good article – needs to get universal circulation; preferably with a picture or two. Guys like Riggs (I’m sure he uses alias’ in his scams) need to get global exposure to inform the public of his antics. For all we know he’s currently working his next scam in China – probably around some aviation program or event.
Stay on him Brian – its articles like yours that eventually smokes out guys like Riggs – and he’s a bad one!

David D. 10 months ago

This guy is the ultimate piece of garbage who plays the ‘system’ like the joke that it is. He is a sociopathic drug abusing thief who needs to be snuffed from society like cancer…..which he faked he had! His Hitler mustache reveals his inner self and he even staged his own ‘death’ once…..man, we could only hope.

I’m hoping the judge in California has the guts to do what is right and put this guy away for the maximum, then his house of cards will fall down. And everyone will be better off…..except his cell mate…guard your gold caps at night whoever you are!

Gonna G. 10 months ago

Kudos to Brian for having the courage to shine a bright light on this cock-a-roach. So lets see if I’ve peeped his MO – starts a scam in Kansas City get exposed there, goes to Tampa – same thing, goes to Atlanta – same thing, then he flees the US and tries different scams in Africa, Australia, Hong Kong where he’s sent to prison – claims to be sexually violated (how sweet) and is eventually sent home to Leavenworth – prison that is! And now he’s working his cons in Hollywood scamming millions of dollars from unsuspecting targets. Keep the light on the cockroach Brian, lets hope this article gets national coverage and exposes his antics and criminal behavior and ultimately puts him behind bars for a long time. The world would be a better place with Riggs behind bars and I mean prison bars!

David R. 10 months ago

Very well written article and enjoyed the headline too. Looks like this life long miscreant is finally getting exposed for the career criminal that is David G Riggs. How has he been allowed to continue to pray on people, since according to this article, he’s been conning people since 1980! Sounds like they need to put this con artist behind bars and throw away the key, once and for all.

Aimo Y. 10 months ago

Well – is anyone who really knows Riggs surprised he’s is facing “incarceration” AGAIN. He is what he is – a full time criminal/loser. The LA Times article refers to him as a “pilot and movie producer”….I wonder what he’s produced other than embezzlement and chaos. He’s always been a lying, cheating, bedwetter – Hollywood want-a-bee. Now let’s hope his latest stunt nets him some intimate “Bubba” time. For real amusement just do a Google search on David G Riggs – Holy Moly!

19 Responses to Let the people speak

  1. erin says:

    He reminds me of Tig Notaro. Why are so many criminals being let free? It’s very sad.

  2. RU Serious says:

    Stumbled on this one:

    Go to: https://caselookup.nmcourts.gov/caselookup/app

    Search: Salganek or Fantasy Fighters

    Looks like a trial is set for September 2013

    • admin says:

      I can’t seem to get past the first page. I put in the captcha and it just sits. I’ll keep trying though.

    • P Marsh says:

      Why is anybody going after Larry Salganek? He is defiantly NO Dave Riggs and has a rather good reputation in the jet warbird community.

  3. RU Serious says:

    According to New Mexico Courts website:
    Jury selection: September 9, 2013

  4. Dan Howard says:


  5. RU Serious says:

    This lawsuit was filed in early 2007 and has been kept very quiet. Does anybody know anything? I wonder what is going on here.

  6. Mojave Joe says:

    The lord works mysteriously, I also believe in Karma.

  7. Ultraworld says:

    I stumbled onto a story about a plane crash in China this morning. I was amazed at the can of worms I encountered when I googled this guy. Seems a fitting ending to this story.

  8. Bob says:

    “Unfortunately, he will probably kill somebody’s kid when his aircraft slams into a school. ” wrote Terminator in 2009.

    Well, Terminator was right. Someone’s kid was killed: an 18 year old woman acting as his translator. Instead of a school, it was a lake.

  9. Mr.S says:

    This story is horrible. You should write a screenplay about it.
    Among many other crimes, the guy’s a murderer.

  10. Mr. Science says:

    A lot of people did business with Mr. Riggs, not because there morals were defective, -as you suggest- but because they took him at face value: A talented moneymaker who promised a lot and appealed to their sense of optimism.
    They’d had never met anyone so crooked, (how could they have?) and didn’t know it when they saw it. In they end they wound up with heavy losses, (some physical) that they will spend years trying to overcome. Just more casualties in his headlong, destructive path towards his own end. R.I.P. Mr Riggs. I won’t say I’m glad, but I’m relieved you can no longer hurt anyone.

    • admin says:

      I didn’t mean to make it sound like everyone who did business with him is morally defective. MANY people were sucked in to his schemes, I get that. I have talked to more than a few of them. I meant those who know what he is/was and what he was capable of continued to support him. Being a victim is one thing, being a co-conspirator is something else altogether.

  11. Caspar says:

    Well I’ve done it! I’ve brought her back to life. After half a year of paperwork and repairs, She’s almost ready to take to the Canadian Skies. May take her to the Lancair fly-in this year. :) Nathan was very pleasant to work with and will have to take him for a spin in the bird formerly known as N484E :)

  12. Burned_by_TORREY_WARD says:

    Another scam to add to the long list of TORREY B. WARD of Simi Valley, CA … I helped him out with a last minute fix of his Glasair III, he promised to pay and stiffed me the money close to $500 … do a records search on him and you’ll see he has a long list of scams, stealing, lying, cheating, and at least 2 major judgements against him in the courts … yet he still keeps flying, where is the FAA when you need them? This guy needs to be in jail not a cockpit!

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