Below are a list of links to all the pages and articles referenced on this site. Credit where credit is due.

The Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit – Riggs appealed to get his pilot certificate back after the Santa Monica Pier fiasco.

David Riggs convicted of recklessly operating aircraft

David Riggs convictedLA Times article reporting the jury decision

High Flier May Hit the Hoosegow Article by Brian Kaberline in the Kansas City Business Journal

Sour deals, bad blood and videotape Article by Arthur Frederick in the Tampa Bay Business Journal

Buzzing Piers Leads to Questions a post on the Chicago Flights site regarding the buzzing of the Santa Monica Pier and it’s possible ramifications for General Aviation

Wild Child Crash Site A very well done pictorial by a man who went and found the crash site and the remains of the Wild Child

5 Responses to Links

  1. John Stello says:

    Do you happen to have his home address, I would like to send some flowers in memory of all the people he killed.

  2. flightlevel69 says:

    i think you are a bit of a coward. you do not reveal your name. where you live (city) or even give a glimpse in why you spend what appears to be every waking moment discussing a topic on a man you have never even met. you throw your stones and veil yourself in your own perfection, and that is another one of the real tragedies. dave was not a perfect man. neither is anyone who walks this planet. yet you make yourself out to be not only judge and jury with this site, but make yourself out to be perfect as well. come out, little powerless wizard, and show us who you are behind the veil you have so desperately tried to hide behind.

    • admin says:

      You obviously haven’t been paying attention. Not only does my name appear on this site but a lot of information about me does. I don’t think I need to give the world my home address on a website (and due to the fact that I received more than a few death threats I’d have to be an idiot to do so).

      I’m not hiding behind any veil. I also had not met him when the site started but ended up facing him in the court when the NTSB held their hearing for the Boulder City crash, in court when he was sued by (and sued) the China Pilot and at other times during the past couple of years. In addition, almost every one of the pilots who were involved in the UARC knew who I was and there are PICTURES OF ME that appear from the Camarillo air show.

      Oh and let’s not forget the 30 minute phone conversation I had with Frederico Lapenda after Riggs gave him my phone number AND the federal copyright lawsuit I’m STILL in the middle of with Tony Tiscareno after Riggs sicced him on me.

      So, now what?

    • f-stop says:

      Calling someone a coward for not revealing their name when you hide behind a pseudonym? Pot…kettle…black. You are quick to throw judgement around about someone you don;t know the first thing about.

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