The Factual on the Boulder City crash

The Factual report on the Boulder City crash has been released.

You can read it here

Oddly I don’t see any determination of cause. I will investigate that some more.

What I did find interesting..and sad is the following:

A review of the operating limitations for the airplane dated March 24, 2011, indicated that the operating limitations did not expire. Of note were items number 10, 30, 38, and 43.

Item 10 states in part…
No person MAY be carried in this aircraft during the exhibition of the aircraft’s flight capabilities, performance, or unusual characteristics at air shows, or for motion picture, television, or similar productions, unless essential for the purpose of the flight.

Item 30 states…
No person may operate this aircraft other than the purpose(s) of exhibition to exhibit the aircraft, or participate in events outlined in Walt Woltosz’s Program Letter or (any amendments) describing compliance with 21.293(d). In addition, this aircraft must be operated in accordance with applicable air traffic and general operating rules of part 91, and all additional limitations herein prescribed under the provisions of 91.319)e). These operating limitations are part of Form 8130-7, and are to be carried in the aircraft at all times and be available to the pilot in command of the aircraft.

Item 38 states…
This aircraft is authorized for flights or static display at air shows, air races, and in motion pictures conducted under a waiver issued in accordance with 91.903.

Item 43 in part states…
The special airworthiness certificate and attached operating limitations for the aircraft have no expiration date.

Obviously I do not have the entire Program letter but I would like to see it. I still have yet to see anything that makes these flights legal.

Sadly, my sources tell me that the FAA cannot find any way to prosecute the people at Incredible Adventures who sold these flights (and continue to advertise them). The regulations only address a pilot actually DOING the flights, not the people who actually sell the flights. So it seems that companies like IA can continue to profit even if people die. Because obviously the criminal authorities aren’t going to do anything because with only one death of a passenger, it’s not worth their time or effort and definitely not worth the cost to prosecute.

That’s too bad.

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3 Responses to The Factual on the Boulder City crash

  1. Ace Truth says:

    Scroll down & you’ll see a picture of a Pitts biplane. This website is 2014. Why would they use a picture from last year?
    I wonder if that is just one of the planes Mr. William (Gary) Thomason claims to have “repatriated”?
    I’m gonna be poking around to see if I find anymore pictures of “missing planes” at THIS year’s Faku show.


  2. David says:

    The NTSB accident investigation process is 1) Preliminary 2) factual 3) final. The final report will have the cause and the factual report is released a week or 2 before the final.

  3. David says:

    If you want the probable cause report I have it in PDF. Let me know.