One more down – The end of Tiscareno

As many of you know a friend of Riggs’ by the name of Tony Tiscareno sued me for Copyright Infringement. In March myself, Netflix, Blockbuster and Eric Norwitz were granted a Summary Judgment that ended that case.

Well yesterday we got a ruling on the Motion for Legal Fees. The full ruling is here

But here is the important part.


As you’ll recall Tiscareno had previously filed another Federal Copyright Infringement case regarding Kill Speed that I discussed here and here.

And the court remembered that too. This is what the judge had to say about it:


Thankfully, I had an incredibly good attorney and was able to have this handled in a very professional and successful manner. But please, don’t think for one minute that I won’t do anything I can to recover at least a portion of those fees.

Had Tiscareno and Riggs had their way, this move, almost 2 years ago now, would have scared me away. At one point Tiscareno demanded that I take down not only the posts about Kill Speed, but the ENTIRE SITE. But that wasn’t going to happen.

And you can bet your last dollar, that I will do anything I legally can to get any portion of that judgment that I can. It’s my understanding Federal Judgment is good for 10 years and can then be renewed for another 10. It’s also my understanding that 7% interest accrues. Two years of my life was spent stressing and dealing with this. Two years of my attorney’s life was spent dealing with this. It was a malicious and worthless lawsuit from day 1.

In this country you can pretty much sue anyone for anything, but if you file a false or ridiculous lawsuit there ARE consequences. I’m okay with that.

And this is just one more of Riggs’ moves that backfired on the lackey that he got to do his dirty work for him. But at least it’s over. I can only guess that Mr. Tiscareno will do some serious thinking before he attempts to file another merritless lawsuit against someone.

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One Response to One more down – The end of Tiscareno

  1. Riggamortis says:

    Tony Tiscareno is a talentless liar and Hollywood writer-wannabe who lost his lawsuit because he never had a legitimate case in the first place. Tony Tiscareno’s claims are utterly false and his supposed “facts” were fabricated by him and his dead friend, multi-convicted felon and con artist, David Glen Riggs. Birds of a feather…. May one rot and the other meet with well deserved ruination.