Well..this is an interesting twist

I received this message today:

In http://www.aviationcriminal.com/riggs/?p=807
you wrote “It seems that the planes that went to China may still be sitting in China. It seems that someone may be demanding payment for them before they will be shipped back.” and “I may have someone that can assist you in retrieving your plane, or at least prevent it from being held hostage.”

Would you mind helping me get a message out to those interested in getting the airplanes back?
Hi there. A couple of weeks ago I went to Northern China where I arranged for a crane and three trucks to move the containers holding the planes to… where never mind where they were moved to. I’m now the only person who knows both where the containers are and what’s inside them.

The point is the planes are still in China. The planes are not being held hostage. I’m not demanding payment for them to be shipped back. I’m not asking for a fee to tell you where they are. I’m telling your readers, and the owner of C-FRFU in particular, I’ll personally throw open the container doors to the local scrap merchants before I see the planes repatriated. YOU ARE NOT GETTING THE PLANES BACK. Soon they will have Chinese / Russian tail numbers to go with their new Chinese / Russian owners. Now I realize this news might cause a bit of alarm, but that’s not my intent. Be happy the planes are going to have new owners who will love flying them just as much as you did.

Happy Chinese New Year to all, and safe flying to everyone!

edit Guess he wasn’t so brave. About 2 hours after sharing his message he deleted this video and a second, shorter one

There is a video that is more than interesting here:


I traced the IP that the message came from:


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