This site will not be down anytime soon

There isn’t much to update at this point (although that could change).

I am still dealing with the Federal Copyright Lawsuit I’m stuck in (co-defendant with Blockbuster and Netflix) that was discussed previously here.

There is a probate for Riggs’ estate.

The planes that went to China are all still apparently sitting there.

There is another court case still open in which Riggs is the defendant.

And who knows what else will pop up.

I have been asked if the site is coming down. No.

I have been asked to edit it and delete some information. No.

The people who were involved with Riggs were involved with him voluntarily. The people who flew the illegal L-39 flights and were involved in the Fighter Combat flights (also illegal) did so because they wanted to even though they KNEW they were illegal. Those people don’t get a free pass just because Riggs died. History doesn’t re-write itself just because there is no future.


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9 Responses to This site will not be down anytime soon

  1. Mr. Science says:

    All in all, I think you should be thanked for the service you’ve rendered. You’ve alerted people to the menace Riggs represented, created a handy guide and reference to his many perils; an unknowable secret for decades, (I wish to god I’d known about it in years past.) You created an informal support group for his once-and-future victims. You were effective in limiting the damage he could do while alive, also. I think we’ll see Rigg’s life as a road map for the “weak spots” in American law enforcement: Create a paper trail that’s too much trouble to unravel, settle lawsuits with a non-disclosure’s, so your infamy can’t spread, and count on people’s laziness not to check the basics, like references and signature verification. I’ve heard someone is writing a book about him… Anybody have info on that?
    Thanks again for your service!

    • admin says:

      There is more than likely more than one book in the works. Too many people have been involved with this guy over the years. I have one in process now :)

  2. Critic says:

    Before undertaking a book, you should learn how to write. You’re not even at a good high school level!

    • admin says:

      Ron you’re just getting annoying now. Stop posting comments. Especially insulting ones. I’m not going to approve them and I’m not going to allow you to advertise your book here. I will give you fair warning though that if you use the information off this site I will sue you.

  3. says:

    Only someone who’s jealous of someone else’s hard work and accomplishments would post something so stupid. Next time you profess to be a critic take a look in the mirror. You’ll find plenty.

  4. david riggs says:

    I think you are an excellent writer and I have been following this blog for years. I wish you well with your book!

  5. Carol Riggs Walz says:

    Enough is enough!!! My father and I know what kind of a person he was and things he did but he was and is still our family! I think you all are bitter, judge mental so and so’s and maybe should take a long look in the mirror before you should be trashing anybody. As far as this site coming down…OH YES IT WILL!

    That is not a threat but it is already been filed!!!

    • says:

      Carol… Since every word on this site is true and has already been scrutinized legally by many lawyers that threatened litigation against the Admin….. Perhaps you should review the AntiSlap laws and the liability you take on filing such a suit.
      Dave Riggs created this story not the Admin. As the saying goes: Don’t blame the messenger.
      If you and your father, or anyone else, don’t like seeing it… Change the channel.
      Everyone can say there’s things they aren’t proud of but I for one can say I’m not responsible for 5 deaths, multiple felonies, millions stolen, hundreds defrauded and few lives left ruined.
      If you were a Riggs victim you’d be praising this site as many do. If you had an unbiased perspective you’d see how many people this site saved from being a Riggs victim.

    • Let sleeping dogs lie says:

      Carol, I am sorry for your loss. Please don’t cause more drama then there already is. Its unfortunate that your brother chose the path he did. I worked with him & he could be a nice guy w/ a big bark. We called him Big Dog. This site has been valuable to the community. Its too bad that it couldn’t stop Dave from himself. He chose the path of doing whatever he wanted & he did hurt people & their families. I was appalled to learn what he did to Nathan. Please don’t sue AC! Unfortunately, I ‘m sure a many lawyers would take your case, but it really is a senseless waste of time & money. This site has been quiet for about a month, until now. So let it rest, like Dave…