Threats and stupidity

This email came to me within hours of the crash. Authorities were notified. There were others. They’ve also been turned over to authorities. I am pretty sure I know who this came from. I’m just waiting for proof. Can you believe this insanity? This is why I do not think the story of David Riggs is over.

From: Stopped Riggs
Subject: Do you want to join Dave?
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 21:33:18 +0800
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
Content-Type: text/plain

Riggs was warned. Riggs didn’t listen. Riggs thought we had forgotten about him. Riggs thought because years had passed that he was free to ignore our warnings. Thanks to you we were able to track him to Faku, where Riggs left his airplanes in a poorly secured hangar. And now Riggs has been permanently grounded.

This public spat of yours with Riggs has been a stone in our shoe . We were patient in exacting retribution and eventually he got what we promised was coming to him. Now that Riggs has been stopped it’s time for you to stop too.

Leave your site up if you like, but no more posts. Ignore this warning like Riggs did and you’ll end up like Riggs did.

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10 Responses to Threats and stupidity

  1. AvBug says:

    This is unbelievable. If anything we owe you and your website a “Thanks” for exposing Riggs to

    Many would have never known what a con this man was had you not stood up to him.

    • admin says:

      The problem is that a lot of people who are just as crooked, but not as bold, made money from Riggs. They either made it doing the illegal L-39 flights, or the illegal “Fighter Combat” flights, or flying off to countries like China and Costa Rica (which was his next planned stop) because of his scams. Who knows what other things he had going on that they were making money off of. Their golden goose won’t be laying any more eggs and I’m sure there are plenty of people none to happy about it.

  2. says:

    I’d like to say that as easy as it was to find Riggs, if it took you this long and you had to go to China to allegedly tamper with Riggs’ plane to “permanently ground” him you must be pretty inept yourself. Seriously, Riggs’ kept his planes outside on the Van Nuys airport tarmac forever, Riggs was very easy to find and he was usually alone. So you waited all this time to read on this blog that Riggs left his unattended aircraft in a Chinese hangar at Faku? Then you “permanently grounded” him??
    I say you waited for Riggs to do what Riggs was going to eventually do and then you take credit for it.

  3. Elvis Presley says:

    Hey, I was in 7-11 yesterday buying a slurpy and I saw this other fat guy buying a carton of cigarettes. He looked a little beat up like he had been in a plane crash. Then I learn that its the famous Dave Riggs. We got to chatting and now we are waiting for the red eye to the Bahamas.

    Later Gators,

    • admin says:

      So Riggs is hanging out in the 7-11 in Westlake Village huh? Good information to have.

    • Carol Riggs Walz says:

      You are such full of shit ! If it was him did you take a picture? Doubt it cause you just want to feed into the bullshit!!! Get a LIFE!!

  4. says:

    What percentage does the admin of this site give to Riggs being dead? Dude is sippin an umbrella drink in Thailand.

    • admin says:

      I haven’t talked to anyone who actually witnessed him getting in that plane for that flight. I haven’t seen his body, I haven’t talked to anyone who saw his body. His ring was not returned to his father. His watch was not returned to his father. I don’t know if an autopsy was done. The only person who I am aware of that identified him is a friend of his that I wouldn’t trust to take care of my pet rock. So…I wouldn’t doubt that he managed to find a way to fake his death again. Then again, I saw the pictures of the plane, so.

      • Carol Riggs Walz says:

        Yes his ring was returned to my father along with other personal belongings!!! But I understand what your referring to about Gary! Don’t trust as far as I could throw him!

  5. The happy reaper says:

    Would you guys please tell that idiot Tiscareno we know who he is and what he’s doing and that he’s a criminal too. He shouldn’t post things that demonstrate his stupidity!