China Pilots

I’m hearing an interesting rumor.

It seems that the planes that went to China may still be sitting in China. It seems that someone may be demanding payment for them before they will be shipped back. I’m a little bit confused by this because it appears that 4 of the planes I suspect went to China belonged to either Youth Aviation of Canada (Riggs) or a company called Convergent Solutions LLC that we also suspect was Riggs. That would be the Christen Eagle, 2 pitts and a white Lancair N747RH. The only other plane I’m sure was there is Dave LaFaille’s as it appears in pictures I received. So who is going to pay for them to come back?

If one of the pilots there had a plane that I’m not aware of, or if LaFaille is having that problem, I may have someone that can assist you in retrieving your plane, or at least prevent it from being held hostage.

Contact me if you’d like.

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