Curiouser and Curiouser

One person put Riggs in the plane
One person identified Riggs when the body was found
One person arranged his cremation in just a few short hours after he was found
One person flew his ashes home
One person emptied his house
One person had a $1 million life insurance policy (allegedly)
One person had a power of attorney signed before Riggs died (allegedly)
One person is attempting to close his estate.


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7 Responses to Curiouser and Curiouser

  1. KC Joe says:

    Hard to believe. One thing missed is in 1987 one reason Mokan fell apart was that Rigg’s had filed to take it public! I know the Chicago FTC office received at least one call about it. The guy could talk and knew how to intimidate through the courts. Is he really gone or collecting on insurance somewhere?

  2. says:

    Just like all conspiracy theories, this one will go on for some time. It’s a fine line between Riggs’ bravado not matching his ability, his sociopath mentality against the sketchy details from half way around the world, a long history of crime balanced against a long history of inept enforcement and continued suspicious events by other notorious associates of Riggs. This will keep the spotlight on the Riggs aftermath.

  3. Mr. Science says:

    Avidwiz?? Riggs had that license plate in L.A. and marketed a series of instructional videos for the Avid editing system under that name. And I seem to remember getting a few emails from him at Avidwiz@aol several years back. How did you get his handle?

  4. Alex says:

    Please do tell, who this 1 person is.