Interesting blog post on a flight with David Riggs

It’s too bad this person didn’t post this before he was dead. Again, warnings to others might have saved someone. Might have caused the authorities to do something. But then again, the over 35 victims who begged for justice were ignored.

It was always a “civil” issue instead of a criminal one. It wasn’t enough money stolen (almost $10 million). He denied selling the flights in the L-39, even though he advertised very blatantly at Incredible Adventures who STILL have the ads up by the way. It was too hard to catch him when they did the Fighter Combat flights even though I managed to get schedules of where they would be for almost 2 solid months worth of flights. They were either too lazy, or too outsmarted..I’m still not sure which.

Then Riggs upped the ante, and we headed toward the coastal area northwest of Ventura. We were no longer formation flying, but cruising a few hundred feet behind the other airplanes. Riggs brought the Lancair way too close to the water. We appeared to be at the same altitude as the crest of some of the waves, and there were several birds in the area. I was definitely uncomfortable, but I made the mistake of not speaking up. The other pilots played with the contours of the shoreline, cruising very close to the water, then each of them pulled up into a steep climb.

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2 Responses to Interesting blog post on a flight with David Riggs

  1. says:

    The irony. Flying too low over the water.

  2. Arnold Garcia says:

    I met Dave about 10 years ago. My first impression of him was that he was a bit of an A#$hole, but after dealing with him for a few months I came to know a different side of him. A family member needed to go to the hospital and she lived in a remote part of California and would take too long to make it to a “real” hospital, rather than the small town’s clinic. Dave volunteered to fly right away, pick her up and even drove her to the hospital once landing in Van Nuys, CA. I don’t doubt that he did a lot of people wrong and I don’t pretend to insinuate that a few good deeds balance a man’s wicked deeds. I’m just hoping this post will expose the other side of him. Again, I don’t claim to have known him in his totality, I’m just stated a good deed he did for me and my family. The woman she took to the hospital was lucky to have lived and doctors say that a few minutes longer she would have surely passed away.