Oh Canada

This story isn’t about Riggs anymore. It’s about the failure of multiple agencies to do anything to stop him. I know there are people that think the site should come down because he’s dead. I disagree. I disagree because there are others out there doing the same stuff. Maybe not as bad, maybe worse. But either way there are a lot of lessons to be learned here. The least of which is that if the aviation and business industries don’t band together to stop this sort of activity, more people will get stolen from and more people will die.

A perfect example is the answer to the question I keep getting…if the FAA revoked his license, how was he flying on a Canadian license? I don’t know. I am trying to find that out because I was told that if the FAA revokes a license, Transport Canada will too.. but I was told he had a private license in Canada the day of the crash (although he was supposed to have a commercial to fly in the airshow).

BUT they did try… the chain of events went like this:

In May 2012 he applied to convert his commercial FAA license to a Canadian license. This was literally days after the Boulder City crash. They denied him and I was told that they actually tried to arrest him at that point and missed him literally by minutes. When the police arrived at the airport, the plane was just taxiing away.

At that time a note was put in his file that he might be in the country illegally (because he had never admitted to them that he had felony convictions).

In December 2012 he was sent a letter informing him that TC was unable to issue him a commercial license due to the fact that his FAA certificate was suspended. (Maybe this is the problem, it wasn’t suspended, it was revoked).

Then in August 2013 he went to Vancouver and wanted to write a commercial exam. While he is in writing the exam the RCMP were called and they approached him as he left the building. TC had a breakdown in communication so when the RCMP arrived, they were unsure of what they were called for. Because the person who called them did not know all the details, she could not relay much info to the police. They checked his passport and it looked like a legit US passport. The took down his information and released him.

The passport he used was in a different name (Glen David Riggs I think) with an altered birthdate as well. The next day they figured out who he truly was and went to speak/arrest him as he was not allowed to be in Canada. He had checked out of the hotel and was long gone.

Sadly, because they didn’t have enough information, he was tipped off and managed to get out of the country again.

It’s small things like this that allow someone to continue doing crimes unabated..and it makes some of them more and more bold because the more they get away with it, the more they feel invincible. I have little faith that the government will ever get it right, and that is why it is up to the honest law abiding citizens to help bring attention to these situations and prevent them before they go to far.

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2 Responses to Oh Canada

  1. wondering... says:

    Just wondering … have you found out the name of the young Chinese woman who died? I’ve not been able to find it and would like to know her as something other than “Riggs’s 18-year-old Chinese translator”.


    • admin says:

      Sadly, that has been bothering me as well and I have not yet seen her name. I would like to know it as well, just to know it. At the same time, I don’t really ever want to see it posted here. I don’t want her death associated with him in that way.