Threats and crimes even after death

Since the day that Riggs crashed I have received numerous threats of “revenge”, “retribution” and yes, even a death threat. I want to make it very clear that while I don’t take those threats at ALL lightly, and I will contact, and stay in touch with, the authorities, that doesn’t mean I will shut up.

Riggs was a criminal that should have been stopped. Riggs had no conscience and no morals. Those who did business with him were either the same, or just dumb and greedy. I don’t care which. I have no interest in you unless you are hurting or endangering others.

But that doesn’t change the story of Riggs. And just as I told all those who yelled and screamed earlier when their names appeared here in connection with one of his scams, if you were involved with him, whether because you thought it was a good idea or because you saw a chance to make some money, then you are guilty too. And I couldn’t, and wouldn’t tell half a story.

I still won’t.

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