Rescuer states David Riggs probably dead

BEIJING — A missing U.S. stunt pilot whose plane crashed into a lake in northeast China likely died on impact, the head of the team searching for him said Friday.

David Riggs has been missing since Tuesday’s accident outside the city of Shenyang in which his young female Chinese translator died. Riggs was in China to take part in a local air show.

Head rescuer Zhang Fang said parts of Riggs’ high-performance single-engine Lancair 320 my note – it was a 360 and has been erroneously reported as a 320 multiple times plane had been recovered, including one of its two seats.

Zhang said the plane had been traveling at a high speed and it would have been almost impossible to survive such an accident.

“In such an air crash, the victims have a very slim chance of survival,” Zhang said by phone from the accident scene. “The American pilot sank to the bottom of the lake and … has a very low chance of survival.”

Zhang said Riggs crashed on a practice run while attempting a stunt in which the wheels of his plane were to drag along the lake surface. He had just taken off shortly after 1 p.m. in a light rain, but there was no indication he had violated any flying regulations, Zhang said.

Zhang said multiple rescue teams were working at the lake, but referred other questions about the crash to the city government, where phones rang unanswered on Friday, which was a public holiday in China.

Riggs was a well-known Hollywood stunt pilot no he wasn’t a stunt pilot and holder of several aviation speed world records, but lost his U.S. license twice for buzzing the famed Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles in his Vodochody L-39 Albatros jet trainer and for selling rides in his plane without permission.

His website said his aerial performances had featured in movies and television shows including “Iron Man,” ”Jarhead,” and the James Bond film “Casino Royale.” No, he did the trailers for DVD sales and the L-39 maybe appeared in Iron Man, but HE did not

Despite his license being currently under suspension, he was hired by the organizers of the AOPA-China Fly-In 2013 air show as one of its star attractions. It wasn’t under suspension, it was revoked, and he presented them with a Canadian license. In Canada he ONLY had a private license, not a commercial, which was required to fly in this air show

China’s official Xinhua News Agency said other U.S. flyers scheduled to take part in Friday’s opening ceremony had pulled out of the show. Pilots and aircraft from Sweden, France and Lithuania were also due to take part in the show.

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One Response to Rescuer states David Riggs probably dead

  1. Riigs says:

    I saw your note. I think it’s fair to call his plane a lancair o-320, despite the fact that he had an o-360 in it. The lancair was originally designed for the o-235, then the o-320 and finally o-550 with the legacy. Although most people put o-360s in them Rigg’s plane was designated a lancair o-320.