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These are the initials of all the agencies that knew about Riggs, knew his history, knew that the more he got away with the more emboldened he became and did…nothing.

We had been told for over a year that something would “probably” happen. That he would be indicted, held accountable, something.

The FAA did what they could in November 2012 when they revoked (again) his ticket. They did NOT do anything that we are aware of when they found out he was traveling both to Canada (to try to get a commercial license), and to China with yet another team of pilots to do an airshow.

While I have posted here as continuously as I could through this entire ordeal, there was a lot of stuff I didn’t post. Some because I was asked not to, and some because I couldn’t verify things. But of those things I was asked not to, it was simply to not intrude on their “investigations”. Investigations that went absolutely nowhere.

It wasn’t enough that Terry Fregley and Hoss died. It wasn’t enough that Doug Gilliss and Richard Winslow died. It probably wasn’t enough that an 18 year old school girl from China died. We’ll never know because Riggs is dead (supposedly) and they will never have the chance to show if they ever would have done anything. This is good..because he will never be able to hurt anyone again (with the exception of those who will be hurt in the immediate aftermath of this accident). This is devastating because that 18 year old should be at home with her mother.

I wonder what those people are thinking now? Or the pilots who traveled to China with him, and supported his actions. They all knew full well his past, his present and his criminal behavior. Some of them were involved in the UARC fiasco. Some were involved in the L-39 flights that were later found in court to be illegal (even though we all knew, and had reported them for years). And yet, they went.

Is it possible that maybe, the death of an 18 year old will make someone, anyone, in these agencies wake up and pay attention next time?

I thought this site would end once Riggs was either in jail or dead. Now, without even knowing the girls name, I feel like my job has probably just begun.

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