No information coming out of China

Information coming out of China seems to very sparse.

Approximately 2 hours before the crash the US Consulate had confirmed to us that they were going to investigate Riggs and whether he was in the country legally, and flying according to their rules (commercial license required). Unfortunately, it was too late.

Since that time all calls to them have resulted only in being answered by voicemails.

News reports have been sparse as well.

The site went down for a few hours. Oddly coincidental but according to the web server it was some sort of connectivity issue and not the web attacks we’ve had previously.

In the meantime below is a report that KNBC in Los Angeles did today.

Pilot Presumed Dead

Brian Kaberline has also followed up his previous articles at the Kansas City Journal.

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4 Responses to No information coming out of China

  1. carol says:

    The translator was my best friend’s daughter. She was doing internship. The mom talked to me happily that her daughter was doing a great job two days before the crash. She is a single mom and that’s her only child.

    • admin says:

      Carol I cannot even express to you how sorry I am for the mother, the daughter, their family and friends. This should NOT have happened. It didn’t have to happen and it could have been prevented. My heart, and the heart of all those who have spent years trying to stop this guy are broken. Please send her our condolences.

  2. says:

    The blood is on the hands of the FBI and the DOJ. They spent years doing absolutely nothing to stop this career criminal. They knew every move Riggs made and knew exactly what he was up to. They could have, should have, stopped him but ignored everything. I myself spent hours being interviewed by the FBI and was given false promises that Riggs would be stopped. I know for a fact that the very people we all rely on to protect us knew everything and did nothing. Shame on you FBI! Shame on you DOJ! Not one of you deserve a peaceful nights sleep ever again. When you close your eyes you picture that innocent young Chinese girl that got into Riggs’ plane not knowing the monster you freely let go to another country to lie, cheat, steal and kill again. You knowing allowed an unlicensed multi convicted felon. who was under investigation for more countless felonies, to just do as he pleased. From the US to Canada to China. And straight into a lake with a Chinese child. You’re all not fit to be Walmart greeters.

    • Riggamortis says:

      Perhaps somebody should interview aviation guru Barry Schiff and ask him if he wants to change the testimony he gave on behalf of Riggs’ defense during the felon’s 2010 criminal trial in Santa Monica for the now infamous L-39 Santa Monica Pier buzzing incident. Or maybe Mr. Schiff would like to donate the money he was paid by Riggs (as an “expert” witness) to the mother of the dead 18 year-old girl who had the misfortune of spending her last precious moments on earth in the confined company of a low-flying, lowlife, multi-convicted felon, lying, cheating, disgusting lump of wasted human DNA.

      Fortunately the judge and jury got it right and found Riggs guilty of the crime for which he was accused, ignoring Riggs’ deceptive defense attorneys and his bought-and-paid-for parade of pathetic defense witnesses.