Dave Riggs missing


I have to assume this is the original article since it came from a China news site in Shenyang.

It’s devastating to me that he took an 18 year old girl with him.

I have been told by someone involved in the airshow that Riggs insisted on flying in rain, very low and very fast over the water. Someone else stated that he was trying to do a “wheels on the water” maneuver.

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2 Responses to Dave Riggs missing

  1. Avidwiz@aol.com says:

    Is anyone surprised? Another victim dead, countless more victims left to deal with Riggs’s most recent legacy. Riggs was a bad dangerous pilot, a sociopath, a multi convicted felon and a con man. Riggs looked at everyone and everything as an opportunity to exploit, defraud or steal. Riggs never once felt remorse for a countless trail of victims he stole from, cheated, lied to, brutalized or killed.
    Riggs certainly got what he deserved, though 20 years behind bars was more just, now Riggs will finally have to answer to his worthless life, this time not to court of law but to someone that will judge him as he deserves. For eternity.

  2. Mojave Joe says:

    The lord works mysteriously, I also believe in Karma.