The government is a joke

Rumor has it Riggs was in Canada last week trying to upgrade to a commercial pilot license there. Why? To go fly another air show in China. Do not know if he got it or not but this leads to a lot of questions.

The air show is September 20-22 in Shenyang China. Several planes are already there from what I’ve been told by my sources. Not entirely sure which pilots are going this time but I was told today that Ben Coleman is still working with him. He was the “safety advisor” for the UARC. Ex-FAA investigator. I can only shake my head.

Supposedly he is still hurt. He is collecting Workman’s Comp, unemployment or disability (not sure exactly which but definitely some combination of these). If that’s true, are they aware that he is going to China to fly in an air show? Court records state he made over $100k for the last show. And if he’s so injured, how is he flying to China anyway. Last I heard he hadn’t made payments on any of the multiple judgments against him. So where is this money to move the plane to Canada and fly to Canada to upgrade a license, etc coming from?

He is making both the State, the Feds and the victims look like total idiots. And I don’t see anyone doing anything to stop him. No wonder he’s a 30+ year criminal.

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3 Responses to The government is a joke

  1. LUVRV8 says:

    Worker comp is big at busting people with fraud. I am sure a few pics of him flying in China would go a long way. I would sure like to see his medical papers he had to fill out in Canada, if he signed he is fine to fly workers comp would have a field day with it.

  2. Buck says:

    The paperwork for a convicted felon entering Canada is lengthy at best, and rarely successful. Even driving in if you have a DWI on your record you will be turned away at the border. Lying on the commercial pilots application is grounds for immediate suspension of all privileges. Not to mention criminal penalties. Unlike our legal system the Canadians won’t cut any slack whatsoever.