The courts are useless

n139ckDid you know that the bankruptcy that Dave Riggs filed in April 2010 is still open? Yes, it has yet to be discharged. I, and others I assume, had hoped it would not be as he was attempting to get out of debt that was accrued by allegedly stealing and swindling from people. One of the things I found really interesting (and still do) is that the court has yet to charge him with any kind of fraud even though it appears that is exactly what he did. Without going into the entire bk, because that would take months, here is just one instance.

That plane (last seen at Van Nuys) was registered to Mach 1 Aviation (SAN DIEGO) on May 25, 2006. Mach 1 Aviation was never that I am aware of, a California Corporation. It was in Vegas. Owned by Riggs. And filed bankruptcy on April 25, 2010.

The ownership of that plane transferred to Nazarene Aviation Fellowship on May 13, 2010. Almost a month AFTER filing bankruptcy and never being claimed as an asset of the bankrupt corporation. And Nazarene Aviation Fellowship was established in April 2010.

From what I have seen over the past couple of years NAF claims no assets, no income, no expenses. But we know that plane has flown. It was flying the day of the crash in Boulder City when 2 people died. It was flying all the days that it appears in videos on Youtube (and a commercial for the Washington State Lottery). How can there be NO asset value, no income, no expenses?

This is so blatant it’s ridiculous. And yet, the courts have done nothing.

When you ask me why he just keeps on keeping on I can only say this. Because they let him.

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