Absolute joke

I am 100% convinced that the Federal Government truly is nothing more than a joke. They are going to do absolutely nothing to this worthless, lifetime criminal. All we can do is leave this site up to try to warn and protect people. This pathetic, sad nanny government has no time for it. Gross

He has completed 200 of the 480 community labor hours (supposedly). We all know he’s going to show up in court and plead disability. At which point the court will feel sorry for him and cut him loose.

Who will be next?

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4 Responses to Absolute joke

  1. AVIDWIZ@aol.com says:

    Maybe someone will finish the job that someone started at the beach. Justice comes in all forms.

  2. Jay Roor says:

    Only Liberals think the government owes them something, or is effective in any way. Again, they can’t even run a post office. I can’t wait until our “beloved” government is in charge of the healthcare I’m now FORCED to buy & can’t afford. Going to the doctor will be like standing in line at the DMV- “Please take a number”… (While your heart fibrillates in the lobby and now you’re flat-lining!)
    Liberal Government is in the business of TAKING…not GIVING.
    If you want attention, you have to tweet pictures of your junk or sexually harass your co-workers. IT’S THE DEMOCRAT WAY TO GETTING NOTICED!

  3. Jay Roor says:

    To quote the most “evil” republican of all time…
    “Government is not the solution to the problem…
    Government IS the problem.”

    Hope & Change…how’s that working for ya? Sounds like a lack of faith here. Of course “faith” is something foreign to liberals unless it involves removing the “choice” of a fetus to it’s right to “LIFE, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.

  4. The Dude says:

    Jay, You’re a special kind of stupid!