Mach One vs Me – Part 2

It was brought to my attention that I never really followed up on the ending of the lawsuit in Nevada against me.

Mach One Aviation sued me for defamation (amongst other things) saying that I caused them to lose money because of the Camarillo Air Race being cancelled (the show went on).

It was stated that I lied about a whole bunch of things including one of the UARC pilots lying on a California morning show about the race, Riggs getting in trouble in South Africa and Hong Kong, Riggs stealing planes, etc.

I found a very competent attorney in Las Vegas to represent me.

Several motions were filed back and forth including my attempt to fight it on jurisdiction (since everything happened in California). That didn’t work mostly due to the question of who has jurisdiction when a website is involved .. that’s something that I think is really still being worked out in courts across the country.

Riggs pulled his usual nonsense of trying to get the names and IPs of people that have commented here, with no success. Several of the things they listed in the lawsuit weren’t even written by me (they were comments).

Eventually his attorney tried to get me to settle. First by taking down the site. No. Later, remove the picture on the front page and make the site about things other than just Riggs. No. Go dark on the site (no updates) for a specified period of time. No.

It finally looked as though we were going to have to go trial. His attorney submitted their requests for discovery. I answered (basically I proved that everything I’d said was TRUE, DOCUMENTED and PROVABLE and it became “oh we want to dismiss”.

Las Vegas is a bit different than Los Angeles. A person can’t just dismiss a case because they want to, the defendant has to agree. Initially I didn’t want to, because there was nothing to stop him from refiling in a week and starting the entire mess over. Also, because of the way that Las Vegas (Nevada) law is structured I had to forfeit my legal fees. I definitely wasn’t going to do that if another suit was going to start in a month.

We did come to an agreement though. I agreed to dismiss with the agreement that if he were to file again it has to be in Los Angeles. They reimbursed me for my filing fees.

And that was the end of that.

It cost me some money and time but wasn’t nearly the pain it could have been. I sort of feel sorry for Riggs’ attorney because I can only guess that he was lied to and caught by surprise. When the discovery went back for documentation to support every single thing I wrote (even to the extent of the BOOK written about Riggs’ exploits in South Africa) he had to be not pleased with what he saw.

But it’s over. Just have to finish with the Federal Copyright Infringement suit filed by Riggs’ buddy Tony Tiscareno and the legal wranglings should be over.

And hopefully sometime in the near future Riggs’ will be seeing the inside of a jail cell for bankruptcy fraud, business fraud, workman’s comp fraud and anything else they can come up with.

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One Response to Mach One vs Me – Part 2

  1. Cuz Vinny says:

    God bless ya for NOT cowering to this vexatious miss-fit.
    It’s a wonderful thing to have the “truth” decide the outcome of your specific case. You are to be commended for your tireless pursuit of justice here and providing awareness of his tactics and behavior. There are still many of his victim’s patiently waiting for our justice system to act on his law breaking lifestyle. Where the hell’s the FBI!

    Kudos too you for your diligent efforts here.