No wonder Riggs is walking free.

I’m sure you all heard about the news station in San Francisco that SERIOUSLY screwed up today with a news report on the supposed names of the Asiana aircrash pilots. Now I’m sorry but these “names” were so incredibly, blatantly fake and racist I will never understand how it got by them (except someone obviously doesn’t have a brain with the ability for independent thought). With that said..apparently the NTSB is taking credit for the error by stating that a “summer intern” was the one who confirmed the names. You can see that press release here.

One has to wonder if it was the same summer intern that decided there was no need to prosecute Riggs or his attorney for the blatant and disgusting witness intimidation that occurred at the NTSB hearing in relation to the Nevada crash.

I am seriously just sickened by all of these events and realizing I am going to be forking out money for this website for many years to come because it seems nobody else has the intelligence or fortitude to stop this guy. So someone has to keep warning people and try to keep the damage to a minimum.

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One Response to No wonder Riggs is walking free.

  1. Jay Roor says:

    Asiana…what blows me away is…you survive a plane crash…you defy death…just when you think you have it made…
    you get killed by rescue personnel.

    I heard on the radio today, that the investigators asked the Asiana pilots about flying the plane manually…to which the pilot said, “That’s not something we do”. International pilots
    are flying on INSTRUMENTS only. SCARY! The source is KFI Jon & Ken…July 16 broadcast…quoting from Bloomberg.

    And we allow these pilots to fly in our airspace?

    Lastly, remember…the GOVERNMENT (which liberals LOVE), can’t even run a post office efficiently. To think they are going to be in charge of our health care is far more frightening than ANY of this aviation too-ha.

    What do you expect? IT’S BIG GOVERNMENT-inefficient, incapable, and impotent.

    If ANYONE thinks the government OWES them something, will “take care of us”…will “look out for us”… I say these people are fools.

    How’s Hope & change workin’ for ya?