The FAA really seems to slack

This website was brought to my attention today.

It’s all about Dell Schanze who is a paragliding instructor in San Diego. Seems he’s done more than a few questionable things, and recently (4 days ago) had a student die in a gliding accident.

I almost laughed as I read the article at Fox 5 and his own words…it all sounds so familiar.

“It was a fluke thing. I could never have guessed he was going to freeze up like that,” Schanze told Fox 5.
Schanze said it was hard at first to deal with the accident, “but now I realize I couldn’t have done anything more. I am the best instructor and the leader of the biggest paragliding school in the world, and this is the first death I’ve ever had in my 12 years of instructing.”

How incredibly sad is it that the FAA, with millions and millions of dollars every year, does nothing about these yahoos and citizens who get tired of it are the ones that have to out these guys.

Is Shanze as bad as Riggs? Well if you’re an animal lover (as I am) yes he is..kicking owls?? Really you ass? And one person dead, sounds like others injured. So yeah, I guess he is. And what will they do about it? Probably nothing.

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3 Responses to The FAA really seems to slack

  1. f_stop says:

    They are too busy extorting airshows for “tower fees” and other ridiculous funds to actually do what they are *supposed* to do.

  2. George says:

    I have been in the fire and police service for 34 years, the evidence against him will speak for itself. He will be held accountable for his deeds. Patience is hard to come by in a sad situation like Henry’s and his family but this instructor will face the music. Patience my friend. Patience.