It’s like dejavu

So, this moving the plane to Canada really is Deja Vu.

Here is when it happened another time:

On 22 April 2009
To Mach One Aviation Inc, Studio City, CA with c/r N535Z (L39C, 433134).

On 13 July 2009
Civil registration, N535Z, cancelled.

On 21 July 2009
To Youth Aviation Of Canada Inc, Calgary, AB with c/r C-GFSH (L-39C, 433134).

Now this picture below was taken on July 25, 2009 (4 days after the Canadian registration) at Van Nuys airport.
The interesting thing is that Riggs appears to be flying it (everyone knows the yellow helmet).

His license was revoked at that time. It had been revoked on February 18, 2009 for the Santa Monica incident.

There is another story that ties this plane and the yellow one together as well. Suffice to say, there are a lot of questions about how he came into possession of both.

4 days after being registered in Canada - taxiing by in Van Nuys

4 days after being registered in Canada – sitting in Van Nuys

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