The plot thickens

N360DR Canadian Registration

Riggs yellow plane (N360DR) was de-registered in the United States on May 15, 2013. It was registered in Canada on May 23, 2013. It was registered to the Youth Aviation of Canada. Interesting. What do you think he’s up to now? I think maybe he’s trying to get this plane to China. I heard a rumor he’s trying to put together another air show. If he did that, he would simply tell them he has a Canadian plane and license (tricky). Or he’s going to try to fly in Canada since he has a PRIVATE license there. Just my guess.

So who is Youth Aviation of Canada? Some other corporation Riggs has. He registered the plane there but used a California address. A very familiar California address. His “world headquarters”

N360DR Canadian Registration part 2

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2 Responses to The plot thickens

  1. f_stop says:

    Same crap he pulled last time his ticket was pulled. He went to Canada, got his ticket there and flew with the Canadian license and registration.

  2. f_stop says:

    Here you go, same exact crap with his old L-39:
    On 22 April 2009

    To Mach One Aviation Inc, Studio City, CA with c/r N535Z (L39C, 433134).

    On 13 July 2009

    Civil registration, N535Z, cancelled.

    On 21 July 2009

    To Youth Aviation Of Canada Inc, Calgary, AB with c/r C-GFSH (L-39C, 433134).