Another settlement

It appears the Russians may have reached a settlement with Riggs. the hearing the other day now shows a new hearing in July .. with an “Order to Show Cause” for a dismissal.

I know they aren’t settling to get money. Riggs never pays. But I wouldn’t be surprised to find they are just sick of paying money to attorneys to go after a scumbag that the authorities won’t do anything about.

I wonder how much they lost. Millions I have no doubt.

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2 Responses to Another settlement

  1. Buck says:

    I just chuckled thinking maybe the Russians did get payment after all. Hmmmmm I wonder how Riggs broke his hip?

    • admin says:

      It was actually his femur .. the hardest bone in the body to break. And I wondered the same thing. I still don’t believe he did it at the Pier doing community service. He would have had to have fallen OFF the pier and hit a rock to do that kind of damage.