The NTSB fails

Well here is something that I’m sure won’t surprise anyone. In December I told you how Riggs and his attorney tried to intimidate the Canadians. They filed a lawsuit and then threatened them if they testified in the NTSB hearing.

Judge Garaghty was absolutely appalled. Apparently he was the only one.

Here is the response that was sent out after a request was made for the NTSB to follow up with the attorney and Riggs for Federal Witness Intimidation.

Nada. But they are welcome to do something themselves.

So. He does illegal flights for hire. Two people die. The FAA finally does the right thing and prosecutes him. People from Canada actually travel here and take the time to testify. The get sued (which was immediately dismissed when his license was revoked) and threatened and the NTSB says “eh, no biggie”.

Honestly, they are pathetic. No wonder he gets away with so much crap. Our own government doesn’t protect us from him and his yahoo lawyers doing whatever they want. I am totally embarrassed by our government, and absolutely disgusted with the legal system.

And again, that is why this site exists. If they won’t protect us, someone has to.

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One Response to The NTSB fails

  1. f_stop says:

    Unbelievable. It was so blatantly transparent that witness intimidation was attempted, it should be a slam dunk case, even for a freakin’ newbie.