Will the real Dave Riggs please stand up.

During the Mokan Productions/South Africa days there was an FBI Agent named John H. Meunier Jr. who did the bulk of the investigations. Yes the FBI was on Riggs all those years ago. While these events were many years ago they are important to the story. When you take it bit by bit or look at just a few years span you don’t get the true picture of what a life of crime is. But when you look at the totality you begin to get an idea. There is an affidavit that Agent Meunier did that is a very interesting read.

**PLEASE NOTE*** this document is public record and is available if you are willing to make the trip to the National Archives in Kansas and find them**** Nothing being posted here is confidential information or anything that any American Citizen couldn’t go get for themselves.

This affidavit was written and signed on March 16, 1989. In it he details all the activities that Riggs was involved in at that time. This includes driver’s license numbers, phone numbers, bank accounts,etc.
This agent was also the sole witness who testified when the grand jury indicted Riggs on the 28 counts of fraud and the fake passport charge. A few things catch the attention when reading through this.

For starters, this case ALONE cost innocent people 4.3 MILLION dollars. That is just the money tied up in the Mokan Productions case. ONE scam and he walked away with millions. This isn’t penny ante crime.

Agent Meunier states

To date, my investigation has show a pattern of massive fraud by Dave Riggs.

Some silly stuff. When Meunier describes Riggs physically he mentions a “noticeable scar on his forehead”. Why is this silly? Because this is the description given to the agent of Riggs by friends, employees, business partners (victims) who knew him BEFORE he went to prison in Hong Kong. And yet it was stated later that he claimed the scar on his forehead and some on his back were caused by the abuse he was subjected to in the prison in Hong Kong. This is minor and doesn’t mean much but it just shows again how Riggs will bend reality to suit his needs at any given time.

There are no less than 3 bank accounts listed in this report where all the money was deposited. Riggs was the sole signature on the accounts. Millions of dollars passed through them.

The agent thought that a man by the name of Michael Joseph East from New Zealand was actually Riggs. He was able to prove this by physical description and sending fingerprints to Hong Kong which came back with a match.

The investigation included interviews with both the victims of fraud who were tricked into giving Riggs money using what turned out to be non-existant equipment as collateral as well as the people he used (unwittingly) to commit this fraud. That’s two groups of victims there.

The agent established that “National Studio Supply” the company that Riggs used to gain this credit never legally existed. It consisted of a po box, answering service and bank accounts. So pretty much the same thing that is going on NOW with Mach One Aviation, Mach I Aviation, Afterburner Jets, and any other company Riggs claims to own. Property tax records showed nothing owned by the company. It’s a good guess the same would be true of Riggs’ companies today. The only real difference is that he has registered them as companies with the state this time around.

In June of 1987 he started moving the money to the Cayman Island accounts. At this same time associates told the FBI that he told them he was going to have to run because he was about to get caught.
This includes trying to take his then girlfriend with him because “I’m running for my life.” He also threatened the pilot who worked for him at that time that he and his family would suffer physical harm if he ever “turned” on Riggs.

Along with this document we also have the motion to suppress bond paperwork that gives us more details as well.

It is noted at this time that Riggs had THREE prior theft-fraud convictions. One of the arguments is very important to our cause here.

While the earlier convictions were for conduct involving much less money than that charged herein, they represent a pattern of escalating criminal enterprise.”

We mentioned fleetingly the insurance scam that Riggs got in trouble for but after review of these documents we see it was much more than we realized. Riggs was an insurance adjustor and set up yet another bogus company. SMT Enterprises was said to be a company that would supply property to people who wanted that instead of cash in insurance claims. In reality it wasn’t doing anything but cashing the checks the insurance company gave it and going into Riggs’ account. For this he was indicted for seven counts of a Class C felony. He pleaded guilty and was given 5 years probation.

Although his probation was over when he was indicted for the Mokan situation (and fled to South America) the crimes were planned and begun PRIOR to his probation ending.

On May 13, 1987 Riggs was getting ready to flee the states to avoid prosecution. He got a passport in the name of David John Harl. In truth, Mr. Harl had died on April 30, 1987. Not only is it disturbing that Riggs found it okay to impersonate a dead man it’s downright disgusting that he did it FOURTEEN DAYS after the man passed. He also had one in the name of Christopher Alan Price which New Zealand authorities eventually found as well as Michael Joseph East and John Nicholas Alleston these were issued in Australia and Great Britain.

All of this goes to prove that even before 30 Riggs had no problem committing any crime necessary to get the money he wanted. Who knows how many things he actually got away with as we are only documenting the ones we know of because he either got caught or someone has spoken out (even if they lost in court since that was CIVIL and not CRIMINAL). People like this do not change.

Here is a copy of the fake passport what was done in the name of a dead man.

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  1. Riggs got the scar on his head when he put his face through a windshield circa 1980.