Wild Child

We have discussed at length the crash of Wild Child. Two pilots dead. Killed while following direction from Dave Riggs (when they had actually been told not to fly until a safety briefing was held according to at least one person). He directed them alright. Straight into a mountain.

A website that recently popped up and has apparently made a copy of THIS site Dave Riggs Criminal posted the video that was submitted to the NTSB for the investigation.

The first two deaths that can be directly connected to Riggs. And this was while making a movie. Ya know..like those ones he claimed to make for Incredible Adventures customers. Okay, not really..this was actually for a real movie, but you can see why I have a problem with this I assume.

I’d also like to state emphatically…that site is NOT mine. I have nothing to do with it..but I don’t have a problem with it either.

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10 Responses to Wild Child

  1. Sparky says:

    In 2008, i personally briefed the Van Nuys FAA office on my findings in the 2006 accident. i also provided additional proof that Riggs was illegally selling rides. When Riggs found out he went ballistic and tried to come after me through the Air Force. They too realized what a shitbag he was and shrugged it off.
    In the end, theFAA did nothing. If anyone needs an expert witness to put Riggs away, just drop me a line.

  2. admin says:

    I bet we could fill half a courtroom with the people that have reported the flights for sale AND the dangerous conditions of his plane. While HIS plane wasn’t involved in this crash, his business practices and lack of morals and integrity and disregard for the rules surely did.

  3. TonyZ says:

    Is this file available for download online? You know what they say about preserving incriminating evidence: make lots of copies and distribute them…

    • admin says:

      It is not, but I do know there are copies in the possession of a few different, unconnected people.

  4. Ed Jeszka says:

    VNY FSDO needs to be investigated as does Alabama Northwest Florida FSDO and several other FAA offices up the chain of command to include the addition of a totally inept and possibly dishonest FAA AAE. Many legal offices situated within the various regions and their counterparts in security have been among the worst example of FAA corruption and culture of dishonesty, abuse of authority and crony favoritism. The FAA needs, and should receive a total rebuild. It is a useless and ineffective government agency with more ex employees from 800 Independence Ave at the trough that any other. It would be interesting as to who had their hands all over the Enforcement packages in VNY and then see what ties they had to Riggs. We all know that happens. Look at Alabama. Hold an enforcement action of a friend until it goes stale and not much said. Let the investigating FAA inspector say anything and the management goes down on him with unbelievable acts of retaliation. Nobody cares!!!!!!
    They do it because they can. The public is lead to the slaughter by the shepherd, the one supposed to be safeguarding the aviation industry. Don’t make me laugh. The FAA has become a joke, an expensive one but a joke nonetheless. So sad that the good inspectors take the heat along with the bad ones.

  5. Flight Deck says:

    Ed what issue do you speak of with the Alabama FSDO ? They have always been responsive and knowledgable. This is the first I’ve heard of any problem with them.

    Can you be more specific ?

    • admin says:

      Because I’m nosy, I searched stuff out yesterday. I’d guess this has a lot to do with it.


      • Ed Jeszka says:

        Flight Deck and Admin,
        The Darby fiasco is only the tip of the iceberg in Birmingham. My case was an issue (filed appeals all the way to the Supreme Court) but not being a major contributor or major player it was denied. Then to see Riggs waltzing down the lane with the VNY FSDO in tow is revolting. I had cancer with 20% chance of recovery and they refused me access to my own office as an Operations Safety Inspector. They tried to hold my checks when I was on the Voluntary Leave Transfer program within the FAA so I would be on extended sick leave without pay as I was recovering from having my stomach removed due to cancer. These people are dogs and should be treated as such. There is a question about some Lrjet type rides that were given to a BHM FSDO inspector that took .5 on the report. I don’t think so. There are about 74 similar events documented and sent to the DOT-OIG as well as Clay Foushee, FAA AAE. The response was very similar to the Riggs events.

        I may sound like sour grapes to many but when the FAA is wrong and not one person ion the entire chain of management does anything other then to cover it up

        • admin says:

          It doesn’t sound like sour grapes to me. The problem is that so many people are afraid to stand up to them because exactly that kind of shit happens. Agents who actually try to do their jobs get fired, pilots get their tickets pulled for doing nothing. That’s one reason I took this on. I’m not a pilot. They can’t do anything to me.

          • Ed Jeszka says:

            First, I would like to wish all the fathers out there a very “Happy Father’s Day. I hope that as you are interested in aviation you will continue to ignite the interest of your children, boy or girl. Aviation is a wonderful skill. Not every one can be good at it and those that are have a right to be proud of that. Share aviation from the correct perspective. Follow the rules, be safe ans then enjoy a tremendous experience for as long as you want.

            Admin, we don’t know each other but I certainly respect what you have done in the interest of aviation safety. Maybe that just shows you that you don’t have to have all kinds of ratings and certificates to be able to focus on safety and integrity and honesty. What a novel concept. Aviation safety would be better served by honest un-certificated folks rather than dishonest ones with a pocket full of certificates.

            If there is anything I can provide in the way of information or ideas I would certainty be more than happy to contribute. In the meantime you and Jim keep up the great work. It is a fresh wind that is blowing and it is beginning to blow the stench of dishonesty and misconduct away. Thanks. EJ