Dave Riggs pilot gets a Rounds

One of the people who testified on Riggs’ side was Chris Rounds. You remember him right? He’s one of the “UARC” pilots. He is also the other pilot who went to China. He is ALSO the other pilot who, like Riggs, lost his certs for a flight issue. He buzzed another plane at an air show. He’s suing a girl who gave a statement as to what she saw that day. He tried to get my name for Riggs by filing a subpoena to Dreamhost demanding my name and etc. in regards to that case (which had NOTHING to do with this site). He also did it in a really bad way because he didn’t bother to inform HER attorney (HUGE nono). That got quashed and they got nothing out of it. In court he claimed he did though. Liar.

One thing he told the truth about was that he has never seen Randy drunk (one of Riggs’ accusations).
He couldn’t define “molesting”. Another of Riggs’ accusations.

He said he saw Shatz give the fake commercial certificate to the Chinese…which is funny since the jury determined there wasn’t one.

He said Shatz wouldn’t do his job, but then stated that Shatz assembled, disassembled and packed the planes (ya know…his job). He said the mechanic work was very good. When questioned about the damage to the plane he eventually had to admit that although he is a mechanic, he has no experience with Lancairs or kit planes. Meaning he has no experience with fiberglass. Kind of pointless when the plane you are talking about is made out of it.

When the trial was over the jury reported that they never believed a word Chris said. They said from the moment he took the stand they thought he was a “huckster”. And I can only assume that Riggs had to pay to fly him out here and put him up while he was here. Oh..and when the trial started they insisted that Rounds had to leave early for a “long standing commitment”. And yet he was able to stay an extra two or so days due to a delay in the hearing. Guess it wasn’t so important after all huh? Do you think he had to pay extra to change the ticket?

Now the question has to be asked..where did this whole fake certificate thing come from?

Easy enough.

Riggs gave Shatz HIS cert to make a fake before they left for China. Shatz refused. Now this is proof that Riggs KNEW that Shatz didn’t have a commercial ticket. Funny though, under oath he stated he found out in JANUARY of 2012 when he read it ON THIS SITE. He stated he read a post where we accused him of reporting Randy for kidney stones and this could cause Randy to lose his 3rd class medical. “Well you see, when I read that I thought wait a minute, you have to have a 2nd class to have a commercial ticket. So I went and looked it up on the FAA site and lo and behold”.


I never wrote about that. I also never mentioned a 2nd, 3rd or any other SPECIFIC medical. I simply said that ONE anonymous call to the FAA could cause you to LOSE YOUR MEDICAL.

The other thing is they made this a huge part of the countersuit (where Riggs sued Randy claiming the promoter withheld the final $14000 payment due to Randy’s behavior). And yet, in the year that the case was pending it was never mentioned previously. So why was it even allowed to be discussed? It should have been completely irrelevant. I don’t know since I’m not a judge but I suppose there was a reason. And yet it did him no good because the jury knew they were lying.

The one thing Riggs DIDN’T count on, was Randy keeping the document that Riggs gave him all that time ago.

I wasn’t there when that was brought out but I can imagine his expression was something like this:

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2 Responses to Dave Riggs pilot gets a Rounds

  1. AVIDWIZ@aol.com says:

    The look was priceless, you could say he was Stymied.

  2. Knuckles says:

    Are you aware that in the Federal Archives in Kansas City in court records of Riggs M<okan stock fraud case , there is mention of a Riggs "Indecent Exposure" conviction. you can add "Flasher" to con man, liar, thief, scoundrel, yada, yad, yada…