20+ years of crime and failure

Between 1985 & 1987 – opened Mokan Productions and then set up a company in Nashville called National Studio Supply that sold fictitious video equipment to Mokan Productions.
1987 – Mokan Productions deal fell apart and resulted in a 29 count indictment
1987- Riggs takes $1 million dollars (part cash part wire transfers) and goes to the Cayman Islands after allegedly destroying 8 trash bags worth of paperwork from Mokan.

1988 – Settles in South Africa under the name “Dave Rogers”
1988 – Gets arrested in Hong Kong with a suitcase full of horns and ivory and charged for using a false Australian passport under the name “Michael Joseph East”
Spends a year in jail in Hong Kong.
A year to the day of being jailed he is extradited back to the United States.

January 1990 – arraigned on 28 counts of bank fraud and one count of passport fraud. Sentenced to 10 years at Leavenworth and got credit for his prison time in Hong Kong.

1993 – released from prison he heads to Atlanta. Goes to work for a video post-production company named Video Post. Fired when the owner finds out about his criminal history.

1994 – settled lawsuits and applied for parole transfer, moved to Tampa

1997 – articles appear in the Tampa Bay Business Journal detailing the suppliers, vendors and partners that he has managed to con during his 3 years in Tampa while running Digital Majik Post Productions, Inc.

2006 – V1 Cut Productions and Panopoly Pictures begins work on Succubus: Hell Bent. This is the only movie he was involved in that ever got completed.
2006 – Two pilots killed while following flight direction by Riggs while filming scenes for Succubus: Hell-Bent

2007 – Attempts to work on movies such as “Fast Glass” (which ends up not getting completed and spends years tied up in lawsuits when Riggs gets sued for fraud by the investors)
2007 – Ends up with Terry Fregley’s L-39 (one of the pilots who died in the 2006 plane crash).

2008 – “Kerosene Cowboys” (also never completed) production partnership is put together with a group of Russian investors. This movie also was never completed and resulted in lawsuits against Riggs alleging fraud.
2008 – Buzzes the Santa Monica Pier and Beach in the L-39. Charged by the city of Santa Monica with a section of the state public utilities code designed to protect life and property from careless and reckless pilots.

2009 – NTSB trial for the Santa Monica Pier incident – Riggs pilot’s certificate revoked.

2010 – Riggs tried and found guilty in the criminal trial for the Santa Monica Beach episode. Sentenced to 60 days in jail, 60 days community service (designated to be done cleaning the beach in Santa Monica) and fines and court costs. He immediately appealed.

2006 or thereabouts through NOW – videos on YouTube show he was doing flights for hire in the L-39 (both Wild Child and the one he got from Fregley) for Incredible-Adventures even though he only had a private pilot’s certificate, NOT a commercial ticket nor is he a CFI. He did get a commercial ticket in 2010 but is still not a CFI.

2010 – Files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy personally and on behalf of Afterburner Films, Inc., Kerosene Cowboys, Inc. and Mach I Aviation, Inc. Those filings stayed all the pending trials against Riggs that were scheduled for that summer pending the outcome of the bankruptcies.

2010 – Goes to China to fly in two Air Shows with 2 other pilots. Ends up cheating the promoter of the shows (according to the promoter), holds a one of a kind hot air balloon hostage for no other reason than “because he could”, allegedly attempts to steal the plane belonging to one of the pilots who went to China, and ends up with yet another lawsuit filed against him for contractual fraud.

2011 – Attempts to start the Ultimate Air Race Championship in partnership with Frederico Lapenda. That falls flat even though months are spent falsely advertising it.
2011 – In April he advertises a ride in the “Wild Child” for a auction as a fundraiser in a school in Santa Monica. This is an auction for a flight in a plane that was destroyed several years before, killing 2 pilots who were following Dave Riggs’ directions while filming for a movie. (That’s called fraud for those keeping score).
2011 – In August the appeal hearing for the Santa Monica incident was held. The appellate courts tentative ruling upheld the original conviction and jail sentence. The final written ruling is pending as of September 2, 2011.
2011 – In October the appellate court affirms the original conviction. Even during this time videos and blogs appear detailing Riggs continuing to fly people for hire in the L-39 against all known FAA regulations.

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