Dave Riggs – fighter pilot – not so much

Quote: “Well I think for most of us that, ya know, grew up in the age of space travel, we all dreamed about being a fighter pilot. Dreamed about being Chuck Yaeger. Dreamed about being Neil Armstrong. So for me, it was a way to realize that dream even though I didn’t go through the military. I wanted to..my eyesight wasn’t good enough to make it as a fighter jock and I was too tall at the time. So this is a life long dream to be able to fly fighters and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. And it’s a kind of flying you just can’t get anywhere else.”

This is the beginning of the “interview” on the most recent Dave Riggs video to pop up on YouTube.

You can find it here if you must:


He continues on with this:

Quote: “Well, my father was in the air force so I grew up around airplanes. I think that, ya know, there was an airport very near by my house and we used to go watch the airplanes take off and land. And the very first opportunity I got I was in a plane and it’s been an obsession ever since. Uh, I used to drag my parents to air shows and I always wanted to be a fighter pilot. Actually I wanted to be an astronaut and found out the only way to be an astronaut was to be a fighter pilot and so I figured “okay, that’s the way to go” and when I realized that I couldn’t be a fighter pilot I still was stuck with the aviation bug and it’s lasted for 28 years.”

I take issue with this because, again, he lies.

He states he couldn’t be a fighter pilot because of his eyesight and he was too tall at the time (did he shrink over the years? It doesn’t show).
Let’s look at the actual requirements to be a fighter pilot shall we?
First of all, they require a 4 year degree. Riggs is a high school drop out.
You also have to be an officer. And there are issues with getting into any branch of the service with a criminal record, let alone becoming an officer.
While Riggs’ eyesight may have been an issue (and would have been) that isn’t the only issue (and is probably the least important) that would have kept him from ever being a fighter pilot. Would you want him defending our country? Me neither.

Yet another in the long list of untruths that Riggs can’t help but tell.

Also, according to people that knew him when he was in his late teens, he was trying to be a musician at that time and never once mentioned airplanes to them. I haven’t been able to verify if his father was in the military but we do know that Riggs was adopted and his father was an engineer in some capacity. Perhaps military. Perhaps not.

While it’s all ancient history (even the interview appears to be a few years old since the Wild Child appears in it) it’s just more in the long list of untruths and misdirection that make up the totality of Riggs’ experiences.

And lest you think the UARC is a done deal..take a gander at this:

That is a new page and sports the UARC logo for the main picture. Needless to say we haven’t gotten a friend invite.

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4 Responses to Dave Riggs – fighter pilot – not so much


    I think the only reason Dave Riggs never became a fighter pilot was because the military jets were all locked up and he couldn’t steal one. Astronaut? Not after Riggs checks the “are you a convicted felon” box.

  2. Perry Mason says:

    Riggs is 5’10″ in height. Tall? Hardly!

  3. Sidewinder says:

    David Glen Riggs was never fighter pilot material. He has no high school diploma, no college degree, no moral compass, no sense of decency, no sense of loyalty, no sense of duty and no honor. David Glen Riggs has no business breathing the same air as tax-paying, law-abiding citizens.

    What David Glen Riggs is and has been since his teenage years is a liar, cheat and thief who grew up to become a convicted felon who has been behind bars in multiple countries under multiple aliases for multiple crimes.

    David Glen Riggs is a fat, festering, puss-filled boil on the backside of the worst segment of humanity.

  4. sparky says:

    Riggs flying a fighter is like trying to put a saddle on a unicorn…intriguing, impossible and gay. The only thing gayer is that satchel he prances around with. Yes Hollywood, horizontal stripes will make your butt look big.